Unlock your siloed content

Your organization’s content doesn’t live in one place, it lives in silos. Your users need to access this valuable content across these silos with security and integrity. Simflofy works with many of today's most popular content platforms and solutions, while maintaining document security.

Providing solutions for:

  • Baldwin & Lyons
  • Grey County
  • Iowa Workforce Development
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • McDermott
  • Robert Half Technology
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State


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Simflofy's virtual repository technology allows your users to search and action content as if it all existed in one place. This gives your users and application developers one place to interact with all your content without migrating a single document.

  • Unlock the value in your content, no matter where it lives
  • Increased user productivity, no more hunting across 20 systems to find a document
  • Easier management and compliance
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Simflofy Migration gives you the tools to effectively discover, migrate, audit and validate the migration from start to finish. This means we can migrate your content, folders and workflows (including all versions, ACL’s, metadata etc.) in a way that is scalable, automated and flexible in a user and mobile friendly interface.

  • Designed to migrate billions of documents
  • Designed for Business Analysts
  • User Interface Driven
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Manage In Place

Use all the advanced features of your modern ECM without needing to migrate a single document.

  • Allows your modern ECM to connect to all your organizations content no matter where it lives
  • No complex migrations required
  • User Driven Migrations when needed
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Simflofy Blog

Change Everything, Without Changing Anything – with Manage In Place

Change is difficult – it’s a natural human reaction to resist change, at least for many people. But in today’s modern, dynamic, technology driven world change happens faster than ever before. This is forcing individuals and organizations to adapt, to be more flexible, more dynamic, more agile – and while this might be exciting and […]

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What is Intelligent Federation?

The word “Google” officially became a verb in 2006 when it was added to the Oxford English dictionary. This seemingly innocuous act signalled the fact that searching, or indeed googling, for information was here to stay. And for many of us now, locating information is one of the key tasks of our working day. But […]

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Welcome to Simflofy in 2019

Life is a constantly evolving experience and business is no different. And 2019 sees Simflofy continuing to evolve, to grow and to strengthen its position as one of the leading data and content migration and federation platforms. From early beginnings, Simflofy blossomed into a software company in 2012 – developing content and data federation solutions. […]

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