Connect, Automate, Comply


Simflofy has been breaking down content silos since 2012

Simflofy’s content integration platform is used for creating federated content networks and migrating content from legacy content source.  The platform has connecters to over 20 of the most common sources for content.  We have developed solutions on our platform for federated search, in-place records management, and email archiving.  Solutions based on our content integration platform have been used by millions of users and work with billions of documents. Our solutions have been used in various industries including healthcare, insurance, consulting, and state and federal government.

Here are just a few of the attributes which make our content integration platform the best and most reliable one on the market today.

Bright Minds with Big Ambitions

We're a team of assorted tech-savvy gurus with a penchant for enhanced productivity and unsurpassed dedication to the clients we serve.  Each member of our team shares a universal objective; to provide you with the products and services that enhance your ability to thrive, while reducing privacy risk and expediting the content management process.

Rock-solid Reputation

It's easy to brag about the quality of one's products.  But when some of the world's leading companies can’t stop raving, that's saying something special.  To date, the Simflofy interface and our content solutions have been successfully utilized by companies ranging from small and medium-sized businesses, to government agencies, financial firms and leaders in global trade.

Simplicity and  Versatility

One of the major complaints against most solutions is the window of time needed to set-up, learn and dial in a new system.  This was one of the driving motivations behind the creation of the Simflofy interface, and one that resulted in a content integration platform that's as functional and effective as it is easy to learn.