Enterprise Search is Not Enough

Most organizations do not have a handle on their content. Documents can be stored in various locations. An organization’s invoices may be in a capture platform. Its contracts may be in a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. And its employee documents may be sitting in an On-Boarding solution or Document Management System. According to AIIM (the Association for Intelligent Information Management) most organizations have over five different repositories, varying from file systems and network share to Enterprise Document Management platforms. Just finding documents can be difficult. But is finding enough?

Enterprise Search has been the main solution to addressing this sprawl. The Enterprise Search platform search across the various repositories in an organization and creates a single index of the content. Once implemented it allows users to search for content and view files. But is search enough? What if you need to make changes to that document use it in a workflow? With enterprise search you must open up the source system, find the document again, and only then are you able to interact with the content.

The solution is Federated Content Services. Federated Content Services also create a single index of the documents in an organization. But Federations go further by allowing you to update that content as well. Change attributes or properties. Make changes to the documents. Even include that document in workflows. Federated Content Services lets you both read and write documents to various repositories in your organization.

So why just use Enterprise Search to see your organization’s documents when you can use a Content Federation to use that content. Let Simflofy bridge your…

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…to put your content to use.