Simflofy Extends Its Amazon Web Service Capabilities

As organizations move to new platforms to manage their documents, services in the cloud are a huge part of the solution. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides several ways that Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Content Services Platforms (CSP) and, Document Management Systems (DMS) can use to store content in the cloud. The Simflofy Content Federation Services platform supports many of these approaches.

When organizations are looking to move to more modern content platforms, they often want those solutions to include support for cloud storage. Simflofy can easily migrate your organization’s content to ECM and CSP platforms that support AWS S3. We can do this either directly to the Amazon cloud, reducing network traffic, or by using the platform’s own S3 integration. Simflofy powered Content Federations can even access content directly stored in S3 as if it was any other repository.

AWS Snowball
When your organization is looking to move petabytes worth of documents to the cloud, the network bandwidth required can cause a major impact to the organization. With Simfloy you can use AWS Snowball appliance to move content with minimal impact to the organization’s network. A Snowball allows content to be move “physically” to an AWS facility using a portable device. Simflofy moves the content and metadata separately storing the content to the Snowball appliance. Once the content has been transferred to the AWS facility, Simflofy connects the content to the metadata.

AWS Glacier
When an organization has a lot of record content, some of it can be stored on a low-cost storage tier. AWS Glacier provides a secure, durable and low-cost option on the AWS Cloud. During a legacy migration, Simflofy can move your legacy document directly to Glacier.

So whether your looking to access or move content to the Amazon cloud with…

Alfresco, Amazon S3, ASG Mobius, Box, DocuWare, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hadoop, IBM Content Manager, IBM Filenet, iManage, M-Files, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Sharepoint Online, Nuxeo, OpenText Content Server, OpenText Documentum, OpenText LiveLink, Salesforce, Xerox DocuShare, and file share

…Simflofy’s Content Federations Services platform can make this easier.