We are excited to announce that Simflofy is joining Objective, a software company that has been engineering world-class products for decades.

Objective has a significant global presence and a team approaching 500 people. They work with more than 1000 government agencies and regulated organizations world-wide, enabling their people to work smarter with information.

When evaluating successors / prospects / partners for our future(?), we were confident Objective was the right choice for Simflofy.

We’ve spent a lot of time – years – getting to know Objective, its leadership, its ethos, we know it’s going to be a great fit for our company, our customers and our employees. We share a passion for innovation and developing outstanding solutions. Our solutions scale to provide governance for the world’s largest enterprises. We understand the challenges our customers face as data continues to explode.

Objective wanted to work with us for our world-class technology and to invest in it; we both believe it has a great future. Objective genuinely values the importance of great people, and our Simflofy employees have been welcomed into the Objective family.

A publicly listed company for 20 years, Objective has demonstrated strong, consistent growth. This financial strength and stability enables Objective to invest significantly in product development and they proudly lead the sector investing approximately 25% of revenue into Research & Development every year.

Invest to Grow

Objective has a successful track record of acquiring software companies and investing in their future. They warmly welcome new companies; their technology and their people to evolve and grow alongside their own organically grown products.

Objective’s software falls into 3 broad product suites; Content Services, RegTech and Planning & Building. The Simflofy solution complements Objective’s global Content Services strategy and will receive accelerated investment as part of their research and development program.

Federated Governance

Simflofy will extend Objective’s current governance-in-place capability beyond the Microsoft Office suite. Built for complex environments with terabytes and even petabytes of data, the combination of Objective’s solutions and Simflofy's 50+ connectors will provide customers with a 360 degree governance of their information with the ability to discover, organise and manage their enterprise information from a single Federated Governance platform.

Global Expansion

Becoming part of Objective presents us with the opportunity to expand into new geographic markets beyond North America; to Europe and Asia Pacific where Objective has a significant presence.


Will Simflofy continue to be supported?

Absolutely. Objective views Simflofy as core to its content services strategy globally and will receive accelerated investment as part of our research and development program.

Will Objective continue to develop the Simflofy product roadmap?

Objective views the Simflofy technology as core to its overall content services offering, actively investing in its continued development and enhancement. Objective is working with the Simflofy team to realize immediate customer benefits through integration with its current machine learning, workflow and collaboration products.

What do I do if I want Simflofy support?

At this time nothing is changing. We will review the support systems that are in place and see if or where they can be improved, but until that time it’s business as usual.

What do I do from a customer account management perspective?

At this time nothing is changing. The same people you have been engaging with at Simflofy will remain your main points of engagement.

What about our current contracts?

Objective has acquired the Simflofy company through a merger, and your current contracts with Simflofy will remain in effect but will now be honored by Objective Corporation North America Inc. Whilst we will review the contracts at some point in the future, there are no new Objective contracts to be executed at this time.