Welcome to Simflofy in 2019

Life is a constantly evolving experience and business is no different. And 2019 sees Simflofy continuing to evolve, to grow and to strengthen its position as one of the leading data and content migration and federation platforms.

From early beginnings, Simflofy blossomed into a software company in 2012 – developing content and data federation solutions. That early software itself has developed into the flexible and scalable Simflofy platform that you see today – providing standardized connectivity to over 40 data and content repositories. From Office 365, to Documentum, to Amazon S3 – Simflofy allows organizations to connect, federate and migrate their content and data whenever and wherever they want.

And 2019 will see even more exciting developments, of which we’ve detailed the 3 most exciting ones below. It’s going to be a fantastic year – we hope you can join us for the ride.

  1. 1. Streamlined User Interface

    The Simflofy platform has always been one of the most functional migration and federation offerings on the market – but 2019 will see it become one of the easiest to use also. Major enhancements to the user interface are in development, with ease of use, and accelerators for rapid user onboarding two of the striking changes.

    Expect to see early views of the new interface via social media in the coming months – or contact us directly to get a private demo.

  2. 2. Even more connectors

    As if 40+ connectors was not enough, 2019 will see even more. Driven by demand from our expanding customer base, the new connectors will be launched across the year, strengthening our position as most widely connected connectivity offering in the space.

  3. 3. MongoDB Enablement

    We’ve all heard of MongoDB – and if you haven’t, where have you been? Mongo is one of the leading NoSQL databases, delivering massive scalability, flexibility and improvements over traditional relational databases. We love it so much that Simflofy is built on it, and during 2019 you will see lots of information about how Simflofy and Mongo are working together to help organizations large and small to intelligently manage, and get better value from, their information. From enterprise search, to data lakes and analytics this is set to be an exciting year – watch this space!

For more news on all of these exciting changes keep your eyes on our blog, twitter and LinkedIn pages. Or if you can’t wait that long – get in touch directly via our contact form to learn about how Simflofy can help your organization – today.

Mark Lugert, CEO, Simflofy