Case Studies

The Company

An NHS (National Healthcare System) hospital in London.

The Situation

The healthcare’s legacy ECM (enterprise content management) system was getting hard to support and costly to maintain, and the Trust had security and stability concerns.

They started a digital transformation strategy to reduce cost and make it easier to support users with greater security and regulatory compliance. The challenge was to decommission a legacy Documentum system. It had been in place and worked successfully for over ten years, and it was designed to capture patient records with scanning interfaces and workflows to correctly identify and preserve the records.

The Solution

Simflofy worked closely with the hospital IT team and the clinicians to check how the information was to be handled, moved, and made easy to find and work with in the future. The solutions were to deploy Simflofy’s Content Services with the focus on intelligent migration and search, connect to a legacy Documentum system, export content and metadata, and migrate to a new repository. The tools were deployed in a few days and completed the processing of records without issues in under a day. Content was extracted and metadata added. In addition, content was converted to PDF for easier distribution and migrated to a new repository. The added benefit of the search interface made finding content easy.

The Trust now has well-organized historical records available in a convenient format to address any patient information access requests.

“Simflofy was engaged to carry out data migration of old format patient records from an end-of-life server to a new virtual server while making the content searchable. Simflofy engineers were quick, efficient, and fastidious in their work. We are extremely happy with the outcome and commend the Simflofy group for such work.” – Hospital IT Manager

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