Case Studies

The Company

One of four power marketing administrations within the U.S. Department of Energy whose role is to market and transmit wholesale electricity from multi-use water projects.

The Situation

The power marketing administrator needed to transition all of their electronic records as part of the records modernization initiative.

The Solution

To accomplish this effort, they chose to build a modern solution using Simflofy and Alfresco. The agency plans to use Simflofy to migrate their content and metadata from legacy systems and manage their records in-place within the new Alfresco Electronic Records Management System (ERMS).

Simflofy is a content integration platform that makes discovering and interacting with siloed content easy. Simflofy excels in content migration, federation, and manage in-place.

With manage in-place, Simflofy connects Alfresco to other content stores including shared file locations, SharePoint, Xerox Docushare, email systems, and other content repositories. It enables administrative access control to identify content that must be retained and locked down in Alfresco, allows user and application access until content is ready for long-term retention, and creates a consistent view of content and the data required to digitally transform the retention process, drive analytics, and improve process automation.

Alfresco is modern, enterprise-class, cloud-native platform that enables organizations to manage unstructured content. Alfresco allows users to find, view, collaborate, and securely share digital content. Alfresco processes content based on business requirements using steps, tasks, and rules. Alfresco’s Information Governance solution consistently applies policies with easy-to-set rules that determine what needs to be declared as a record and where it should be filed in the file plan.

Alfresco Transparent Content Services

A simple way to manage distributed content without migration.

This plugin extends Alfresco by adding a new dynamic content store. This content store is designed to integrate Alfresco with Simflofy, allowing content from other repositories to be managed by Alfresco without migration. By utilizing a service to communicate directly with Simflofy we provide access to all Content Service connections with just a few lines of configuration. This means you can manage content from hundreds of locations in Alfresco without moving a single file. The best part is that our new content store works side-by-side with the out of the box content store. None of your existing content is affected.

TCS works as a new content store that leverages Simflofy’s REST API to push and pull content.

Figure Left: Standard Alfresco Contentstore  Right: TCS Contentstore

This solution allows you to bypass the “Where should it live?” question and start focusing on how many systems you want to include in your compliance initiative. Don’t duplicate content. Don’t move or migrate content, affecting the workflow of users. Reduce the risk of implementing a system of compliance. Leave the content it where it is.

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