McDermott was looking to establish a modern software platform to leverage knowledge assets.

Read on to see how Simflofy helped them achieve that vision.

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The Challenge

In 2016, McDermott announced a massive digital initiative designed to revolutionize both the way it operates and the products it offers. The goal was to create a platform that extracted value from all of the company's systems, disparate data sources, and assets to leverage that value into internal efficiencies for workers and new capabilities for customers. McDermott identified more than 100 historical projects for target data.

Before digitization, consistency was a challenge. Without ready, efficient access to contextual and historical data, a Subject matter expert (SME) could spend months assembling the specs and meeting with various internal teams in order to structure a competitive bid.

The Solution

In the initial phase, McDermott implemented Simflofy to enhanced federated search across enterprise systems. This helped McDermottobtain value from disparate data sources and power that value into internal efficiencies for workers and new capabilities for customers.McDermott also used Simflofy was also leveraged to migrate content from two legacy document management systems into Alfresco. This process took roughly seven months to complete.

McDermott used Simflofy in the second phase, which has been ongoing since early 2019, to migrate project-related data in network drives. Simflofy analyzed the information to understand the data and security model. To support this effort, Simflofy built dashboards and migration playbooks that configured migration jobs to push content from network drives using Simflofy.

McDermott views their solution as a new way of creating new business models and putting forward innovative ways of engaging with their customers, suppliers, and internally within their functions.


By leveraging Simflofy, McDermott has become an innovative and technology leader in the EPCI industry by obtaining increased efficiency and productivity across every single business function. For example, in the offshore EPC industry, there is intense pricing pressure. A bid can be won or lost by a very small margin on a large-scale opportunity. The deliverables are cast and complex so calculations must be exact. McDermott’s bidding process will improve immensely and give them a competitive edge. At the end of this project, Simflofy will have migrated more than 35 terabytes of digital data. McDermott has future plans to use Simflofy manage in-place to enable access, control, and governance of information.

Once its digitization is complete, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)will be able to access everything they need in a matter of minutes, and when McDermott’s digital platform is fully realized, the information will find the SME even before the SME finds it. In other words, the right blueprints, and schematics will automatically appear in their workflow, dramatically saving time, and reducing the duplication of efforts.

McDermott has put real efficiency gains at the forefront of its execution strategies in the Oil and Gas (O&G) sector. McDermott is in a strong position, and with the technology leadership in place, they are preparing to lead such efforts within theEngineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI)industry.



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