About Simflofy

  • FOUNDED IN 2012

  • ~100 CUSTOMERS


    Located in TX, TN, FL, AL, GA & UK


Simflofy was founded by Content Management, Data, and Integration experts with over 50 years combined experience working with 35 of the Fortune 100 and a large portion of the Fortune 500 and Global 5000.

Simflofy is a different take on Big Data. We are tackling the growing problem of content sprawl. Companies all over the world have important data all over the place, and any big data strategy should take into account where data lives and will continue to live.

Why We Do It

While Big Data tends to be about making bigger databases and better distributed file systems, we recognize that data exist today in many places and it continues to spread. We use the term "Content Sprawl" to describe this reality. Companies struggle with the management, findability, statistics, scalability, and security of this content every day. Simflofy's products are focused solving these problems in a way that allows companies to embrace this methodology and take full advantage of, the horizontal scalability this allows.

Our People

  • Mark Lugert


  • Joan Alyce Lugert

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Stanley Arnold

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Nancy Lugert

    Operations Manager

  • Bobby Hangliter

    Sales Director

  • Geraldine Carpinone


  • Mike Matthews

    Business Development

  • Nathan Lugert

    Senior Software Development Engineer

  • Sean Dumont

    Software Engineer

  • Ryan Josefsberg

    Software Engineer

  • Benjamin Maxwell

    Software Engineer

  • Luke Crowley

    Software Engineer