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Migrate Big Content Collections in a Short Time

Simflofy’s goal for Migrating Content is the ability to move content from one system to another quickly and effectively without the need for post-migration cleanup. Using our out-of-the-box functionality you can:

  • Migrate content, keywords, versions, permissions, users, and notes
  • Remove duplicates with a simple configuration
  • Re-file content based on rules you've specified
  • Quickly clean-up file names, directory paths, and keywords
  • Transform large volumes of files from one format to another
  • Access data from other sources to create new keywords or rules
  • Use rules to address failed content

By plugging in additional tools, like Elastic Search or Ephesoft, you can:

  • Easily extract metadata from documents, images and videos
  • Classify all of your organizations’ records in a more accessible manner
  • Allow for the detection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Our content integrations can quickly access content in various content sources.  We designed Simflofy Integration to work with a wide range of today's leading vendors and across a broad spectrum of data platforms.

Our discovery functionality quickly identifies the content types and keywords in all of your content repositories.  The solutions present these content types in an easy to navigate format and allows you to map the keywords in one system to keywords in another.

The solution is focused on scalability and is designed to support million document migrations.   All of the while the system maintains an audit trail of all migration activities.

The days of time-consuming ECM and manual content migrations have no place in today's big data migration environment.   Now more than ever, it's vital that your organization has the potential to privately integrate a complex array of data sources, without requiring hours of hands-on guidance from your indispensable tech team.  This was an area of great concern for our developers, and as our clients will agree, the results speak volumes.