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Simflofy your Content Reporting

Managing and accessing organizational content across a wide spectrum of locations and data sources, is something that continues to challenge everyone from IT and MIS professionals, to admin and managerial teams.  This is especially true among those businesses and agencies who deal with massive amounts of data on national and global levels.  Simflofy Content reporting allows you to take better control over multiple content sources for improved efficiency and less backend footwork.

Whether it's monitoring the usage and flow of content across multiple systems, or exposing internal workflows that your staff might not be aware of, our technology has been meticulously designed to resolve some of todays' most widespread content management challenges.

Simflofy Content Reporting:

  • Keeps you up-to-date on your enterprise's complete content database
  • Quickly locates duplicate content and data across multiple systems
  • Easily monitors large volumes of data on a system-by-system basis
  • Provides detailed reporting of content sharing trends among users
  • Identifies high-risk content and solutions to protect it
  • Greatly enhanced records and data management, for improved efficiency
  • Know exactly when it's time to archive, remove or migrate existing systems

Today's data is more sensitive and essential than ever before, and having the ability to manage it in the most efficient manner is vital to your success.  Incorporating Simflofy Content Reporting is fast, affordable, and one of the most effective ways to access, view and manage your organization's ongoing flow of data; all while monitoring user data sharing and minimizing redundancy.