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What is Federation?

Simflofy’s Federation combines the power of federation and document management to provide organizations with fast answers to all of their search questions, and a single place to perform your content related tasks.

Not sure how Federation works?

Want to learn more about finding all of your content? Download the datasheet to help you better grasp how Federation search works, and more importantly how virtual repository technology allows your users to search and action content as if it all existed in one place. Federation gives your users and application developers one place to interact with all your content without migrating a single document.







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Manage In-Place

Change everything without changing anything!

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Provide the best of both worlds with Manage In-Place. Enable access, control and governance of information that can still reside in its native application.

This video demonstration on using Manage In-Place with our partner Alfresco shows how easy it is to configure and provides a seamless experience for users. The way Alfresco normally manages content is through a content service speaking to a file system. With Simflofy, we’re able to replace that content service with our own giving us access to several different ECMs and content management platforms.

Simflofy Blog

Integration Features That Drive ROI for Your Content Migration Project

For decades, many organizations have invested millions into enterprise content management (ECM) platforms only to find that they are simply using them as a file system. In addition, many departments have stood up their own content repositories, such as SharePoint, Box, and Google Drive. This has led to content chaos and document sprawl. Document sprawl […]

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Three Steps From Content Chaos to Content Analytics

Download the Content Analytics Datasheet We all have masses of content stored within our organizational closets – far too much for us to manage in many cases. From data stored within creaking legacy applications, social media streams, massive video and image files, to the latest internet of things (IoT) devices popping up everywhere – the […]

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Digital Landfill, Data Lake, or Missed Opportunity?

Download the Data Lake Datasheet Many of us do it – keep something that we don’t really need, “just in case’. Whether it is a fancy shirt that has never really fitted us, or a kitchen pan, or a book that we will never likely get to read. This desire to hang on to things […]

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