All of Your Organizations Content searchable from One Source

Federated Search

  • Perform & narrow query searches across multiple repositories.
  • Source listed for each document.
  • May use single sign-on or service account.


  • Accessing and previewing documents and keywords on-demand
  • Viewing and updating metadata for more consistent backend search function
  • Creating new documents or versions
  • Deleting old, outdated documents or folders quickly and accurately

Analytics Dashboard

Coming Soon

  • Get a high-level view of your content
  • Can act as a ROT report
  • Plan and understand Federation Usage
  • Increased user productivity
  • Reduced business operational costs, through mechanisms such as customer self-service (deflecting emails and call center costs)
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Federation allows applications and views to be built by partners that are enterprise wide, leading to bigger deals, more consulting, and increasing your customer value proposition.


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What is Intelligent Federation?

The word “Google” officially became a verb in 2006 when it was added to the Oxford English dictionary. This seemingly innocuous act signalled the fact that searching, or indeed googling, for information was here to stay. And for many of us now, locating information is one of the key tasks of our working day. But […]

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Welcome to Simflofy in 2019

Life is a constantly evolving experience and business is no different. And 2019 sees Simflofy continuing to evolve, to grow and to strengthen its position as one of the leading data and content migration and federation platforms. From early beginnings, Simflofy blossomed into a software company in 2012 – developing content and data federation solutions. […]

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Simflofy Extends Its Amazon Web Service Capabilities

As organizations move to new platforms to manage their documents, services in the cloud are a huge part of the solution.

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