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OEM Simflofy

With Simflofy, Integrate Once Partner Many

What if you could connect to the top twelve ECM platforms with one standard REST API? In fact, what if you were able to connect to several ECM platforms at the same time? You could use one investment in development to connect to the leading ECM and EFSS platforms. Need another repository, just test your configuration.

Simflofy’s Enterprise Content Integration platform supports various Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic File Sync and Share (EFSS), Email, and Big Data content platforms simultaneously.  It does this with a single REST API that allows your solution to make the most common calls to these platforms, simultaneously. Our federation connectors support:

  • Document Query
  • Folder Browse
  • View and Edit Document and Properties
  • Check In/ Check Out Document
  • Delete Document
  • Relationships (like versions and renditions)

In addition to the single API, Simflofy’s server addresses connectivity and simplifies the mapping. Our integrations require virtually no programming. Instead configuration can be done using a simple graphical user interface. Our platform is designed to be implemented by business users not programmer. Document mapping is addressed through lists not scripts and often requires little knowledge of the support system.

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