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Simflofy your Records Management

It's no coincidence that today's most successful and influential businesses place exceedingly high value on the security and management of their content.  If you're exchanging information between multiple locations, the vulnerability for loss and decreased privacy is an unavoidable factor.  You have to see the biggest picture possible and implement solutions that assure the privacy, flow and accessibility of your sensitive data.

Simflofy offers the freedom and flexibility to integrate all of your content and data records into one convenient resource, while maintaining the content in-place if you so choose.  The solution has the added benefit of increased privacy, faster migrations and detailed audit/reporting capabilities.   Open new levels of efficiency and performance compared to traditional 5015-compliant ECM systems.

Your Records Management wherever the content is stored

Simflofy’s content integration platform give you access to all of the following content sources in one system of record.

  • Content Management Systems
  • E-mail
  • File Systems
  • Cloud Drives
  • Cloud Applications, including Salesforce and
  • FTP/SSH Servers
  • Satellite Office Data
  • Applications that expose content via Web Services
  • Relational Databases and Client Information
  • NoSQL and Distributed File Systems such as MongoDB and Hadoop
  • Social Media Apps, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Website Code and Content
  • Company Blog Forums and Publications

With Simflofy, you get more than just a convenient way to manage your entire organization's records.  Our system has been painstakingly developed to simplify and enhance the efficiency, accessibility and migration of records across multiple locations and platforms.  By connecting all content sources into your Records Management or Archiving System, the process becomes secure and automated, leaving records managers more time to utilize their core talents.