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Diverse Content Solutions for Diverse Data Needs

Just as no two businesses are identical, neither are the solutions they require to establish and maintain seamless, secure content migrations.  At Simflofy, our advanced interface has been meticulously designed and developed with this understanding.  Today we're proud to offer a comprehensive selection of content management services and products that save time, reduce stress and vastly improve workflow.

Record Management

Your current ECM may have various records management functions in place, and it may even be 5015 compliant.  But what happens when you need to share and access content across dozens or hundreds of source points?  See how the Simflofy interface makes it easy to integrate and manage your all of your CMS, e-mail, files, cloud drives and FTP/SSH servers via one user-friendly portal.

Content Migration

Looking for a non-complicated way to migrate all of your organizations' content, folders and workflow?  With Simflofy Migration, you'll have access to the tools needed to effectively discover, scaffold, migrate, audit and validate migrations from start to finish; all in a manner that is highly-scalable, fully-automated and user-friendly across a diverse range of data platforms.

E-mail Archiving

Whether you're most concerned with archiving or journaling e-mails in a more organized manner, or integrating a more efficient system of e-mail records management, Simflofy allows you to perform a wide range of e-mail content management tasks with ease and confidence. Our interface integrates flawlessly with MS Exchange, Gmail, IMAP and POP3 systems, provides full audit logs, and eliminates the need for de-duplication or deletes.

Content Management Services for Improved Data Flow

While the parameters of your content needs will obviously vary, the need for streamlined migrations and accessibility remains universal.  Contact us to learn more about how the Simflofy interface and services can greatly enhance the way your organization delegates its content flow.