Document Analytics

Simflofy document analytics combines the power of federation and analytics to deliver an insight platform to interrogate all of the content and data within your enterprise. With real-time reporting and custom, visual charts, Simflofy analytics can help you unearth the true value of your content.


Document Analytics & ECM. Everything you need to know.

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Understanding and leveraging data stored within your organization is a major competitive differentiator if done correctly, but the amount, complexity, and diversity of data can pose a challenge. Modern enterprises need modern tools that deliver insights fit for their own needs and ambitions.


Connected Insights

Analyzing information from one data source provides a very limited view on your business universe. Simflofy analytics provides insight across all of your connected business and content systems, delivering business insights to help:

  • Inform decisions around marketing strategy, product design, customer support, and more
  • Better manage system maintenance, detect fraudulent activity, and optimization of core business processes
  • Configure custom reports and dashboards to gain real-time insights on business-critical processes


Structural Analytics

With so much unstructured data, insights are more critical than ever. You need to know what information you have, who is using it, and how it can be best leveraged or on the other end, destroyed. Simflofy offers standardized reporting of metrics such as the number of files stored, what file types are stored, the sizes of files, the number of users, and more.

  • Analyze structured and unstructured data usage stored across business systems
  • Understand how your content is performing, such as how long workflows take to complete, which users are most active, and ultimately where you can improve
  • Flexible, user-friendly reporting with pre-configured reports and dashboards


Behavioral Insights

Understanding how users interact with your content is essential to understanding how that content should be used or improved. Simflofy Analytics is built to interrogate content to help gain valuable insights into how users consume content, where security risks reside, and much more. 

  • Real-time insights on who accessed what content, which user stores the most files, which files are being frequently used, what time of day sees the most active users, etc. 
  • Instant visualization of who is engaging with, consuming, or contributing to content
  • Identify underperforming digital assets to improve overall user experience 


Enhanced Processes

One of the benefits of digital workflows is measuring their efficiency from start to finish, allowing for constant increases in productivity and efficiency.‚Äč Simflofy offers real-time analytics for business-critical processes to enhance, rather than disrupt, productivity.

  • Create a wide range of data-driven, interactive charts to interrogate and understand your data and content, then quickly and easily share
  • Improve the performance of business processes by analyzing user activities and identifying optimization opportunities in real-time.
  • Built-in security features to mitigate the risk of leakage or human error

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