Document Management

Create, control, and manage content from a single platform 

Most modern organizations store information in multiple systems, which can lead to content chaos and information silos. Failure to effectively access content results in reduced productivity, wasted time, and increased security risks. 

Simflofy’s federated document management software helps you get your content under control and break down information silos. With a modern, connected approach to information management, Simflofy offers users a simple, fast solution to access, view, edit, share, secure, and destroy content from a single application. 

Search and Discovery

Countless hours spent searching for content across information systems and business applications is money down the train for your enterprise. With federated document management, users can find content within seconds to edit, process, and move on to the next task, to save time and boost productivity.

  • Search for and access content across any number of systems within seconds in one central interface
  • Gain a single view of information across content silos
  • Simplify records management and easily identify content for legal holds across multiple repositories

Increased User Adoption

Many Document Management Systems require costly training, only to be met with low adoption rates and deepened information silos. Simflofy’s federated document management delivers corporate information through a single, simple interface, allowing users to:

  • Work in the environment they are accustomed to--no training required
  • Access and manage content in its current location from a single interface with “manage in place” 
  • Gain centralized control over content and records that are distributed across different systems

Improved Security

Information is of critical importance and value to organizations, and ensuring that information remains secure is always a high priority. The consolidation of content with Simflofy’s FDM offers an environment in which security and permissions are applied consistently across the
corporate information landscape.

  • Control who can access and modify content with advanced access permissions for files, libraries, and folders
  • Simplify document tracking and protect your data with document versioning feature 
  • Maintain strong information security and effective GDPR compliance throughout the entire document lifecycle

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