Document Management for Google Drive

Google Drive has become one of the de-facto standards for casual document storage as well as ad-hoc collaboration. Oftentimes, teams and even solo users will store vital documents in Google Drive and have significant issues finding documents/files again. This results in productivity loss and duplication of both effort and content.


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About Simflofy Document Management for Google Drive

While Google’s search capabilities are embedded in Drive and offer basic search functionality, they cannot adequately service the needs of the enterprise or the enterprise user. This leads to an interesting situation - while Google Drive is widely adopted and usable, it gets in its own way when it comes to being used as a true document management system.

Collaborating using documents is a basic task for the knowledge worker these days. It can seem next to impossible when using numerous, disconnected repositories including Google Drive. Simflofy’s Federated Document Management capabilities access not only Google Drive but also multiple legacy systems, making the collaborative experience simpler, faster, and secure for the knowledge worker. For the enterprise this translates into productivity gains and cost-effective use of IT infrastructure.


Frequently asked questions about Document Management for Google Drive.  

1- How does Federated Document Management for Google Drive work?

Federated Document Management integrates with Google Drive and makes the documents stored there available across the entire enterprise. Once Google Drive documents are identified, the corresponding metadata and other relevant attributes are stored in simflofy, where the documents are made discoverable by other systems and services


2- How can I find Google Drive content and content across the enterprise?

Federated Document Management allows the knowledge worker to collaborate and evaluate documents within seconds inside of Google Drive. Furthermore, with federation documents in other enterprise repositories are also accessible


3- How can I evaluate Google Drive content and content across the enterprise?

The knowledge worker has one powerful interface (Federated Document Management) to retrieve and aggregate data from any number of document management locations across the enterprise. This results in ease of finding the right information at the right time in the right business process/function.


4- How can Federated Document Management help the business?

Federated Document Management provides the ability to unlock trapped content, expedites decision-making, improves knowledge worker engagement, and ultimately reduces the cost of wasted or duplicated efforts. Fundamentally, it helps organizations and knowledge workers categorize and visualize relevant enterprise content and enables users to quickly find answers to questions and optimize the business impact of their decisions




9 Crucial Elements of a DMS

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