Document Management for Office 365

Simflofy’s Federated Document Management helps maximize the value of your IP that resides in Office 365 with a powerful combination of document management capabilities, as well integrations to other cloud and on-premises based repositories. It lets vital documents get to the right Knowledge worker, at the right time, in the applications and devices they are using to get their jobs done – securely and seamlessly.


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About Simflofy Document Management for Office 365

Knowledge workers by definition must collaborate with each other to both consume and create vital documents and information assets in support of the business. With the advent of the cloud, organizations have transitioned to Office 365 enhancing Knowledge worker productivity. With this new found gain in productivity come issues with securing vital IP that is created all the while, making it accessible across the business value chain. Federated Document Management with Office 365 enables enterprises to empower their Knowledge workers to access vital corporate IP securely, seamlessly across not just Office 365, but the broader ecosystem as well.


Frequently asked questions about Document Management for Office 365.  

1- What are the benefits of integrations into cloud office suites like Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office is the standard productivity suite for most enterprises. Native integration between content services platforms and Office 365 enhances collaboration, allowing users to seamlessly use everyday tools to get work done. Federated Document Management boosts Knowledge worker productivity by making vital corporate IP accessible to users securely all the while enabling collaboration and findability.


2- How can I find Office 365 content and content across the enterprise?

Federated Document Management allows the knowledge worker to find and evaluate documents within seconds with keyword mapping across multiple enterprise repositories, and smart filters to narrow down to assets that they are looking for quickly


3- How can I evaluate Office 365 content and content across the enterprise?

The knowledge worker has one powerful interface - Federated Document Management to retrieve and aggregate data from Office 365 and any number of content repositories across the enterprise. This results in ease of finding the right information at the right time in the right business process/function


4- How can Federated Document Management help the business?

Federated Document Management provides the ability to unlock trapped content in Office 365, it expedites decision-making, improves knowledge worker engagement, and ultimately reduces the cost of wasted or duplicated efforts. Fundamentally, Federated Document Management helps organizations and knowledge workers categorize and visualize relevant enterprise content and enables users to quickly find answers to questions and optimize the business impact of their decisions




9 Crucial Elements of a DMS

Take a look at our infographic highlighting the nine essential features that every Document Management System (DMS) needs to have.




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