Enterprise Content Management

Simflofy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables federated content management across disparate systems, improving access to information, relieving siloed content and processes, and ensuring regulatory compliance and governance over all enterprise content.


ECM. The Essential Guide.

From origins in Document Management (DM), enterprise content management has grown into an all-encompassing set of document processing tools. This guide details everything you need to know about ECM. 

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Information management is crucial for any enterprise. Organizations need to carefully govern information stored in emails, invoices, corporate reports, and personnel files. Enterprise content management systems control the lifecycle, distribution, and use of information across the enterprise, from capture to archiving and records disposition. 



Federated ECM

In order to be productive, your users need access to information as and when they need it. Simflofy’s federation technology allow users to access content across disparate systems from from a single, central interface, creating a virtual repository and saving precious time spent searching for information. 

  • Intuitive ECM user experience with no need for costly user training
  • Seamlessly integrated document management functionality 
  • Document filing directly from email or productivity apps, workflow approvals via mobile and tablet, and ubiquitous records management


Extend to Records Management 

With high volumes of content living in silos across many different systems, organizations inevitably face challenges when it comes to accessing, managing, and maintaining the credibility of certain records. Simflofy helps organizations centrally manage their records, reducing the need for manual processes and saving valuable time.

  • Easily manage records from a single, central system 
  • Govern records across 50+ systems including Office 365, SharePoint, OpenText Documentum, IBM FileNet, SAP, Salesforce, Box, and more
  • Simplify Retention and Records Management with complete control of lifecycle management, including holds, transfers, archives, and the destruction of records


Work from Anywhere 

Enabling remote work has become a priority for organizations over the past years, which means digital information has gone from an advantage to a requirement for business productivity. an essential requirement when enterprises look to enable remote working. Simflofy streamlines access to all electronic enterprise content, allowing your users centralized access to corporate data from anywhere. With Simflofy, your users can:

  • Search, locate, and access information when, where and how it is needed
  • Access and manage content in its current location from a single interface with “manage in place” 
  • Gain centralized control over content and records that are distributed across different systems


Security and Compliance

Information is of critical importance and value to organizations, and ensuring that information remains secure is always a high priority. The consolidation of content with Simflofy’s enterprise content management software offers an environment in which security and permissions are applied consistently across the corporate information landscape.

  • Control who can access and modify content with advanced access permissions for files, libraries, and folders
  • Simplify document tracking and protect your data with document versioning feature 
  • Maintain strong information security and effective GDPR compliance throughout the entire document lifecycle

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