Enterprise Content Management for Alfresco

Alfresco is one of the, if not the most functional Open Source Content Services Platform on the market today. Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform provides significant connectivity and capability across the enterprise. With this enterprise class connectivity come significant challenges with respect to leveraging, harnessing and securing documents in multiple Alfresco and other repositories. Federated Enterprise Content Management by Simflofy allows the knowledge worker to consume and interact with information stored within Alfresco and other locations securely and seamlessly. It provides enterprise class functionality for ECM systems that manage and control access to a variety of file types — not just documents — and typically have additional capabilities including workflow automation, business process management, and records management/information governance


ECM. The Essential Guide.

From origins in Document Management (DM), enterprise content management has grown into an all-encompassing set of document processing tools. This guide details everything you need to know about ECM.

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About Simflofy Enterprise Content Management for Alfresco

Information fragmentation results when information in the form of disparate files and file types are stored in many different places, for example stored on paper, on personal computers, tablets, phones and USB drives. They are often found in emails, network drives and scattered across various document management repositories made by IBM, Microsoft, OpenText and others. They are also found in file-sharing sites as well. Document silos drain business productivity and increase security risks. Modern, federated enterprise content management by Simflofy allows the knowledge worker to work on information, not just documents wherever it resides, all the while, ensuring security and records management protocols are implemented uniformly.


Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Content Management for Alfresco.  

1- What does Enterprise Content Management do?

While a document management system allows you to manage and control documents across your organization, an enterprise content management (ECM) system offers much broader capabilities for managing and controlling access to a variety of file types — not just documents — and may include additional capabilities including workflows, business process management, and information governance.


2- What does Federation do?

While an enterprise content management solution creates a central location to capture and store your organization’s file-centric information, vital information invariably ends up scattered all over the enterprise. This makes finding current versions of documents and information much more difficult. Federation by Simflofy allows knowledge workers to focus on their roles rather than hunting down pieces of paper or digital assets across repositories and silos


3- What should I look for with regards to Federation Capability?

When evaluating Federation vendors, it’s important to consider its ability to integrate and extend other line-of-business systems, so that content can be available across a range of business applications (such as Salesforce and SAP). Consideration also needs to be given to how users will interact with the system. Different people want to work in different ways — on mobile devices, via web browsers or directly from the desktop.


4- How can Federation help the business?

Federation provides the ability to unlock trapped content, it expedites decision-making, improves knowledge worker engagement, and ultimately reduces the cost of wasted or duplicated efforts. Fundamentally, Federation helps organizations and knowledge workers categorize and visualize relevant enterprise content and enables users to quickly find answers to questions and optimize the business impact of their decisions


5- What is a single source of truth?

Content resides in multiple repositories and business systems. That is a reality of today’s IT enterprise. Finding and storing that vital content securely is a challenge many organizations face today. Federation for Alfresco is an enterprise-class service that provides integrations into other business applications so that you avoid creating content silos, and providing the enterprise with a single source of truth




Choosing an ECM Solution

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