Enterprise Content Management for Google Drive

Google Drive has become one of the de-facto standards for casual content storage as well as ad-hoc collaboration. Often, teams and even solo users will store vital content in Google Drive and have significant issues managing it as an enterprise asset. This results in productivity loss and duplication of both effort and content


ECM. The Essential Guide.

From origins in Document Management (DM), enterprise content management has grown into an all-encompassing set of document processing tools. This guide details everything you need to know about ECM.

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About Simflofy Enterprise Content Management for Google Drive

While Google’s collaborative capabilities are embedded in Drive and offer basic collaboration functionality, they cannot adequately service the needs of the enterprise or the enterprise user. This leads to an interesting situation - while Google Drive is widely adopted and usable, it gets in its own way when it comes to leveraging that content as an enterprise asset and reusing it.

Leveraging vital information for the knowledge worker these days can seem next to impossible when using numerous, disconnected repositories including Google Drive. Simflofy’s Federated Enterprise Content Management for Google Drive can connect to not only Google Drive but also multiple legacy systems, making the collaboration experience simpler, faster, and secure for the knowledge worker. For the enterprise this translates into productivity gains and cost-effective use of IT infrastructure.



Choosing an ECM Solution

Selecting an ECM solution can be a difficult task - we make it less challenging with this easy-to-read infographic.

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