Simflofy allows organizations to easily find and place holds on records and content to support eDiscovery requests.


Beyond the Chaos: A Modern Approach to eDiscovery

This webinar explores the challenges associated with modern-day eDiscovery, takes a deeper look at the systems involved, and reveals the key features of a modern eDiscovery solution that can successfully address these increasingly complex challenges.

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With so much structured and unstructured information to sort through, eDiscovery can be complex, time-consuming, and costly for any organization. Simflofy’s eDiscovery Search technology helps you easily sort through high volumes of electronic documents and information to find and flag relevant content for a number of legal use cases.

Whether you’re trying to bolster litigation discovery, audits, or online investigations, Simflofy provides powerful search capabilities, content collection, legal holds, and analytics to bring you greater control over the discovery process at a fraction of the cost.



Locating the desired information for Discovery can seem next to impossible when using numerous, disconnected repositories. Simflofy’s federated document management extends eDiscovery searches across multiple legacy systems, making the response to eDiscovery events simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

  • Find and evaluate content within seconds thanks to keyword mapping across repositories
  • Retrieve and aggregate data from any number of content locations from a single interface
  • Create new collections for requests that can be shared and culled as needed
  • Ensure a timely response while limiting the risk of case loss due to incomplete or incorrect responses


Legal Holds

Legal holds ensure the preservation of key data as part of the eDiscovery process. Simflofy Records Management helps users gain centralized control over content and records and efficiently manage legal holds at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reduce the time and cost of eDiscovery with powerful search capabilities
  • Apply legal holds to content across any number of systems and business applications
  • Place holds on as many records or content groups as needed to prevent changes and suspend disposition 
  • Export collections as EDRM XML to import into eDiscovery and review tools


eDiscovery: A Practical Guide - eBook

Download our eDiscovery eBook today - and explore the Five Modern Challenges with eDiscovery along with how to solve them with modern tools.

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User Adoption

Simflofy eDiscovery allows users to work in the environment they are accustomed to, so user adoption is guaranteed, and fast. Users can access and manage siloed data from its current, true location via a single interface, enabling them to:

  • More efficiently manage legal holds across repositories for greater productivity
  • Access and manage content in its current location from a single interface with “manage in place” 
  • Manage the entire eDiscovery process from end to end using a single, central platform 


Minimized Business Impact

Identifying relevant content for eDiscovery purposes requires significant time and effort. No matter how many disconnected systems an organization may have, Simflofy federation technology helps consolidate any number of sources, ensuring:

  • Speed and accuracy in responding to eDiscovery requests, limiting chance of case loss 
  • Increased compliance and security by delivering the right information to the right users at the right time
  • Reduced time, cost, and overall business impact associated with eDiscovery 


Federated eDiscovery. See the demo.

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