eDiscovery for Alfresco

Alfresco has been utilized by organizations across the globe to meet their content management needs. Whether it was being utilized as a traditional content system, with version control, check-in, check-out, and viewing, or as the back end for a web content management system, there was a lot of content that became discoverable. Workflow and records management capabilities were also added to Alfresco creating more discoverable content.


Beyond the Chaos: A Modern Approach to eDiscovery

This webinar explores the challenges associated with modern-day eDiscovery, takes a deeper look at the systems involved, and reveals the key features of a modern eDiscovery solution that can successfully address these increasingly complex challenges.

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About Simflofy eDiscovery for Alfresco

Simflofy eDiscovery for Alfresco provides organizations the tools to perform the first three stages of the EDRM model. Organizations can identify responsive content, collect the content, and preserve the content by applying legal holds. Simflofy allows designated users with the appropriate permissions to search across Alfresco repositories for responsive content to the eDiscovery request.

Content can be searched and filtered by date, metadata, content type, subject, filename, and much more. The responsive content can then be collected and shared for further culling with other parties. When the content has been culled, the remaining content can be preserved by applying a legal hold.


eDiscovery: A Practical Guide - eBook

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Frequently asked questions about eDiscovery for Alfresco.  

1- Why do I need eDiscovery for Alfresco?

As content systems like Alfresco were used first as content management repositories and then later to manage unstructured content from structured applications, over time that content become difficult to search for. Human Resources, intellectual property, merger and acquisition, personally identifiable information, and much more are being stored in Alfresco and are a source of discoverable content. Simflofy eDiscovery provides organizations the capability to search for, collect and preserve content stored in Alfresco.


2- Can I apply more than one legal hold to the content?

Simflofy eDiscovery allows multiple legal holds to be applied to content. Responsive content may be relevant for more than one eDiscovery request and should not be able to be destroyed or deleted until it isn’t part of a request.


3- Can content be edited while on hold?

Simflofy allows an organization to configure this, some organizations want just a version of the content locked while others want the content itself to be locked and un-editable.


4- Can collected and preserved content be imported into an eDiscovery Review tool?

Simflofy provides the capability to export collected and preserved content in the EDRM XML format which can then be imported into a review tool.


5- Can Simflofy search across systems other than Alfresco?

Simflofy provides integration with over 55+ systems including ECM, email, File Sharing, ERP, and databases for responsive content.




Federated eDiscovery. See the demo.

Click below to view the demo video and learn more about Simflofy's federated eDiscovery capabilities.

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