All of Your Enterprise Content Searchable from One Source.

Simflofy’s Federation technology allows users to search, find and manage information stored across a range of leading business systems and content repositories quickly and effectively--no user training required.


Federation. Breaking through silos.

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Modern organizations rely on information and data, and access to these assets needs to be swift and efficient. Yet most organizations are operating multiple systems, business applications, and network drives simultaneously, which may leave end-users spending significant time searching for content they need to get their job done.


Increased Productivity

Knowledge workers spend hours on end searching through content throughout their day. With federated document management, users can find content within seconds to edit, process, and move on to the next task, to save time and boost productivity.

  • Search for and access content across any number of systems within seconds in one central interface
  • Gain a single view of information across content silos
  • Simplify records management and easily identify content for legal holds across multiple repositories


Reduced user training

Training your employees on yet another new system can be time-consuming, only to be met with resistance or weak adoption rates. Simflofy’s federated document management delivers corporate information through a single, simple interface, allowing users to:

  • Work in the environment they are accustomed to--no training required
  • Access and manage content in its current location from a single interface with “manage in place” 
  • Gain centralized control over content and records that are distributed across different systems



Single source of truth 

When working with multiple content systems, it can be difficult to maintain a single source of truth. Simflofy helps organizations reliably find the latest versions of contracts, documentation, or other corporate information in one central location. Simflofy’s federation technology lets you:

  • Easily identify and eliminate ROT and duplicate information
  • Create a unified view of enterprise-wide content through one system
  • Increase speed and accuracy of eDiscovery and records management processes and mitigate risk of human error 





Multiple Use Cases

Identifying relevant content for records management or eDiscovery purposes requires significant time and effort. No matter how many disconnected systems an organization may have, Simflofy federation technology helps consolidate any number of sources, ensuring:

  • Simplified discovery across multiple information systems
  • Increased compliance and security by delivering the right information to the right users at the right time 
  • Reduced time, cost, and overall business impact associated with eDiscovery and Records Management processes



Secure search and federation. See the demo.

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