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Simflofy is designed to migrate and consolidate billions of documents on-premise, to the cloud, or both, with a simple user interface for high user adoption.


Content Migration - Everything you need to know.

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Migrating large volumes of content can be an arduous, time-consuming task. Simflofy helps streamline the migration process so that organizations can more quickly leverage the true value of information in workflows, records management, collaboration, and application development. 

Simflofy is designed to migrate and consolidate billions of documents on-premise or to the cloud, or both, with a simple user interface for high user adoption.



Before you can consider moving your content, you’ll need to take inventory of what data is stored where. Simflofy’s federation feature allows you to easily search for, locate and access content stored across any number of legacy systems and repositories, to help you: 

  • Quickly access information stored in disparate content repositories, business applications, network drives, and emails
  • Search for and manage content from a single interface
  • Easily locate and identify relevant content for intelligent migration


Discover the wide range of prebuilt Simflofy connectors that exist to streamline your content migration project.  


Discover & Understand

Leaner content systems mean more efficient Discovery, no matter how many repositories your business may maintain. Eliminating ROT—redundant, obsolete, and trivial content—is a crucial step in deciding what content you’ll want to migrate. Simflofy helps you: 

  • Quickly find and evaluate content thanks to keyword mapping across repositories
  • Gain a single view of siloed systems to audit and identify superfluous data
  • Easily remove duplicate content with a simple configuration 



Beyond the significant time and effort, migrating all your business content at once can be risky and disruptive for your organization. Simflofy uses advanced technology to migrate high volumes of files, metadata, version history, and permissions from multiple systems in one streamlined process while minimizing business impact. 

  • Transform large volumes of files from one format to another
  • Effectively migrate content, keywords, versions, permissions, users, and notes
  • No need for heavy coding of custom scripts -- business users define mappings to perform migrations.



Simflofy allows for end-to-end visibility over the migration process and advanced reporting capabilities to reduce the risk of human error. Users can easily control and configure content from a single interface in order to:

  • Make intelligent migration decisions thanks to built-in insights
  • Configure custom rules to migrate content over time or as needed
  • Manage federation, synchronization, and migration processes with a 360-degree view



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