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Why Waste Time Learning and Connecting to All Of Your Business Systems?

Simflofy provides a data integration platform that makes all your structured and unstructured data appear to come from a single unified source. Delivered via a set of well-defined REST APIs, example applications, developer documentation, API documentation, and an SDK.


Modern organizations rely on information and data, and access to these assets needs to be swift and efficient. Yet most organizations are operating multiple systems, business applications, and network drives simultaneously, which may leave end-users spending significant time searching for content they need to get their job done.
Traditional data integration tools only deal with structured data - or the data stored in databases and applications — but only 10-20% of the information stored in organizations is structured. The 80% - 90% is found in unstructured data like documents, spreadsheets, images, and presentations. Simflofy provides a platform that offers data integration for both structured AND unstructured data. 



Integrate Data and Content

Every organization uses data (in databases and computer systems) and content (found in documents, spreadsheets, reports, and images). Simflofy allows organizations to bring all of these data sources together in one single platform — changing the way they manage their digital landscape forever.


Streamline Business App Creation

Design and build business applications using the Simflofy content- and data-enabled API. Remove complexity and reduce your time to prototype and deployment by utilizing existing code samples for records management, eDiscovery, Search, and more.

  • Build using any API-enabled development environment
  • Build once, using consistent tools and libraries 
  • Connect to multiple structured and unstructured data sources using the same code, from the same API



Connect to Many

Simflofy provides consistent and API-driven connectivity to a wide variety of information sources. offers out-of-the-box connectivity to systems such as:

  • Content systems
    • MS SharePoint, Box, Alfresco, IBM FileNet, and more
  • Data Systems
    • Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, DB2, SQL Server, MongoDB, and more 
  • Email Systems
    • Outlook, Exchange, etc.
  • Project Management Systems
    • JIRA, etc
  • Social Media Systems
    • Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Event Messaging Systems
    • ActiveMQ, Kafka, etc.

For a complete list of connectors, click here.

Platform Benefits

Most organizations don’t just want to integrate data from different systems — they want to build systems, reports, or apps that use the connected data. Simflofy enables this goal and offers additional benefits such as:

  • Integration for data and content (structured and unstructured data) 
  • Build once and connect to many information sources 
  • Existing code samples for classic use cases in Document Management, Records Management, Search, and EDiscovery
  • Leverage existing investments in IT architecture and systems



The Simflofy Platform in action.
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