Records Management

Simflofy offers comprehensive federated Records & Retention Management capabilities with integrated eDiscovery and a streamlined user interface to help save organizations valuable time spent searching for information and managing records across disparate systems.


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If you’re managing records across multiple systems, chances are you’re used to performing multiple searches to find the information you need–and perhaps not finding it at all. The time spent searching for information when maintaining a high volume of records can have a very real cost for your business.


Records & Retention Management  

With high volumes of content living in silos across many different systems, organizations inevitably face challenges when it comes to accessing, managing, and maintaining the credibility of certain records. Simflofy helps organizations centrally manage their records, reducing the need for manual processes and saving valuable time.

  • Govern records across a range of systems with 50+ connectors including Office 365, SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, IBM FileNet, Box, and a host of others.
  • Centralize the creation and maintenance of file plans and create custom schedules for retention and disposition of records
  • Avoid duplicate content and establish a single source of truth


Record Declaration

Different systems have different functional capabilities, which means users must master multiple systems and keep track of all activities when manually managing records. Simflofy uses metadata and status fields to automatically declare content as a record, reducing the burden of manual records declaration.

  • Easily declare records and run actions using metadata and status fields
  • Set rules to automate processes to help file, find, review and audit records, saving time for users and administrators
  • Automate and control the complete record lifecycle including holds, transfers, archives, and the destruction of inactive records with configurable retention schedules
  • Users control content in its current location–no need for additional training on yet another system


Legal Holds & eDiscovery

Legal holds ensure the permanent preservation of key data and digital records as part of the eDiscovery process. Simflofy records management system provides integrated federated eDiscovery to helps accelerate responses to eDiscovery events and help users gain users gain centralized control over content and records and efficiently manage legal holds at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reduce the time and cost of eDiscovery and locate content within seconds with powerful search capabilities
  • Easily apply legal holds to content for record preservation across any number of systems and business applications
  • Place holds on as many records or content groups as needed to prevent changes and suspend disposition 
  • Create new collections for requests that can be shared and culled as needed
  • Export collections as EDRM XML to import into eDiscovery and review tools



Govern in Place

No need for costly migrations or risky duplication of files--identifying, accessing, and managing records goes from painful and time-consuming to painless and user-friendly. Govern in place lets users access and manage siloed data from its current, true location via a single, central interface, helping organizations to:

  • Easily identify documents to be declared as records, perform the declaration and manage the entire record lifecycle from one platform 
  • Consistently apply retention policies and identify which records to archive or destroy
  • Meet stringent and evolving compliance demands by making the right information and records available to the right users at the right time, as needed


Advanced Security Controls

Simflofy records management software offers advanced capabilities for administrators including heightened security controls and a streamlined user interface with in-depth reporting capabilities.

  • Widget-based security for granular user control 
  • Streamlined repository and output connector management
  • Advanced Post Processor Support with customization options
  • In-depth reporting and configurations for effective data management


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