Records Management for IBM FileNet

FileNet has been utilized by organizations across the globe to meet their content management needs. FileNet has been integrated with structured data systems to manage the unstructured content associated with transactions and organizations may have multiple integrations and FileNet applications. All of this has led to multiple sources of content being managed by FileNet that need to be managed as records.

While IBM Records Manager has been integrated with FileNet to manage the repository’s record, Records Manager can only manage IBM content.


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About Simflofy Records Management for IBM FileNet

Simflofy offers comprehensive capabilities for eDiscovery, Secure Search, Document Management, and Records Management integrated directly with FileNet. Enterprises can use Simflofy’s govern-in-place technology to create file plans, declare records, apply retention management policies, apply legal holds, collaborate with internal and external parties, and destroy or transfer eligible records.

Enterprises can choose to leave the content where it is, i.e.: govern in place or move the content into the Simflofy repository. When the FileNet content has reached the end of its lifecycle, it can automatically be destroyed or transferred accordingly. Legal holds can be applied to the FileNet content in place while being managed by the Simflofy hold process. When a document is declared a record through Simflofy or a legal hold applied, a lock is placed on the document ensuring that it cannot be accidentally deleted from the FileNet system. eMails can also be ingested as records directly from the Lotus Notes system.


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Frequently asked questions about Records Management for IBM FileNet.  

1- Why do I need Records Management in IBM FileNet?

While FileNet has been integrated with many backend systems for the management of unstructured content, additional IBM applications are needed for records management and eDiscovery. Simflofy’s Records Management allows not only records from FileNet to be managed but also other IBM products like CMOD and Lotus Notes eMail.


2- Can my data remain in IBM FileNet and still have records management applied to it?

Yes, it can. Simflofy’s Federation technology allows you to perform the full set of functions for ECM, Document Management, eDiscovery, and Records Management on data and documents that reside in FileNet without needing to move them anywhere.


3- If I declare something as a record, will it lock that data or document in IBM FileNet?

Yes, Simflofy will update the permissions of the document in FileNet so it can’t be modified or accidentally deleted.


4- Can documents have multiple retention schedules and be placed under multiple legal holds?

Yes, documents in FileNet can have multiple retention schedules applied against them and can be placed under multiple legal holds. Destruction will not occur until the last retention schedule has been met and all legal holds have been removed.


5- Can I auto classify records?

Yes, Simflofy integrates with many different systems that identify records and provide structured metadata that can be used to automatically classify content as records.




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