Welcome to Simflofy V3

Simflofy version 3 dashboard

Simflofy V3 features comprehensive federated Records & Retention Management capabilities with integrated eDiscovery and a streamlined user interface to help save organizations valuable time spent searching for information and managing records across disparate systems. 


Discover the latest features available for all Simflofy users

Records Management

Records & Retention Management 

Simflofy helps organizations centrally manage their records, reducing the need for manual processes and saving valuable time. 

  • Easily declare records and run actions using metadata and status fields
  • Create custom retention and dispositions schedules
  • Avoid duplicate content and establish a single source of truth
  • Govern-in-place across systems including SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet, and more




Simflofy V3 offers integrated federated eDiscovery across multiple legacy systems, making the response to eDiscovery events simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

  • Locate content within seconds across multiple repositories
  • Easily apply legal holds for record preservation
  • Create new collections for requests that can be shared and culled as needed
  • Export collections as EDRM XML to import into eDiscovery and review tools


User experience

Streamlined User Experience 

Simflofy V3 features an improved user experience that allows users to work in the environment they are accustomed to without any required training. Advanced federation technology allows users to easily access any corporate information across repositories through a central, user-friendly interface. 

  • Streamlined search experience across multiple repositories
  • Drag and drop uploading of documents and records
  • Improved Discovery including past discovery versions and searchable reports



Enhanced Admin Capabilities

Advanced capabilities for Simflofy administrators, including heightened security controls, improvements to the user interface, and in-depth reporting capabilities. 

  • Widget-based security for more granular control 
  • Streamlined repository and output connector management
  • Enhanced Post Processor Support with increased customization options
  • In-depth improvements to reporting and configurations management